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Customized bikes and e-bikes

Marketing Bike

Welcome to Marketing Bike.

We are a company based in Austria and we are designing and selling marketing bikes worldwide.

We work with the best quality frames that are handmade in The Netherlands and we assemble the bikes with the best bicycle parts that you can get worldwide. This makes us a strong an valuable company to keep your business rolling everyday.


Marketing Bike is there for you to expand your brand visibility.

Reach your target group where they are: on the street! On a bike it is easy to reach pedestrian areas, city centers, shopping areas, festivals, and train stations

Strengthen your brand

100% Customised bikes to enhance your brand visibility and to support your marketing activities


Electric or not electric, cycling is a healthy and sustainable way of bringing your product to the consumer.


Marketing Bike designs the bike that fits your brand and promotion activities.


Customised bikes will attract attention on the street! Every bike by Marketing Bike is unique. Streetsampling with a bicycle

Bikes in action

Enhance your communication

Get closer to your target audience

Access pedestrian areas, train stations, public gardens etc.

Communicate positive values conveyed by the bike

Sustainability, eco-friendly, green, sportive, healthy lifestyle


The bike can be used for multiple marketing events and purposes

Customize your bike

Get inspired by our portfolio and explore the possibilities for your brand

Get in touch to explore the possibilities